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Hazard Mitigation Forms

  1. HazMit Comment Form
  1. Mitigation Action Worksheet for Stakeholders

    Please use this form to submit a hazard mitigation action item. There is drop down menu and clarifying questions to assist with some... More…

YCPC Forms

  1. Appointment Request

    You may visit our office anytime during our normal office hours, however, to better assist you, we recommend that you make an... More…

  2. Document Translation Request

    To request a document to be translated to another language.

  3. Open Space and Land Protection Grant Program Application Request

    Requests a link to an online application form from the Open Space and Land Protection Grant Program.

  1. Corrective Action Request
  2. Map Request Form

    Map Request Form

  3. York County Planning Commission Board Application Form

    Application form to apply for a board position on the York County Planning Commission.