2023 Round 2 Awards

The York County Board of Commissioners is pleased to announce the second round of awards for Opioid Settlement Funds. This distribution of funds totals $575,195.17 to 6 different organizations. Eight revised applications were reviewed by the York Opioid Advisory Board in the fall of 2023 and awards were approved at the November 15, 2023 Board of Commissioner's Regular Meeting. 

SCPa Works

SCPa Works and PA Career Link will focus on workforce training, employer education and stigma reduction in York County.  They will hire a full-time job coach/employer liaison, supporting those in treatment/recovery to find training and career opportunities.

EquiTeam Support Services

The Equine Therapy project will fund a therapist and scholarships for over 250 client sessions with trauma, grief, loss, and addiction to process and develop coping skills which often results in improved outcomes.  EquiTeam primarily serves youth and due to extensively long waitlists for psychotherapy, the OAB recognizes the need for this great service.


UPMC is expanding their Addiction Recovery medicine services in York County – including inpatient, outpatient, and mobile unit care.  This award is specific to outfitting the expansion of a current clinic to offer Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) in York by assisting with one year of funding for a Community Health Worker, a Medical Assistant and supplies.

Family First Health

Family First Health began offering telehealth service for psychiatry.  This award will support 100% of a Nurse Care Manager to help clients see the psychiatrist, an essential service in York County.

Emergency Health Services Federation (EHSF)

EHSF is on the front lines training and working with emergency medical service (EMS) providers every day.   Part of this initiative includes developing a protocol for warm handoff processes and fighting stigma around addiction in the world of first responders.  Additionally, the budget will support outreach, a project coordinator, an EMS data analyst, contracted training and data dashboard development, and needed supplies and booklets.

York City Bureau of Health

This award will support the York County Overdose Fatality Review (OFR) Team, a prevention-focused collaborative review team that reviews overdose cases, makes recommendations, and works to change systems as a result.  This team is housed by the York City Bureau of Health and funding will support the OFR Project Coordinator, general supplies, prevention supplies, data, and travel/conference fees.

The initial rounds of funding allocations fit into the following Opioid Remediation Uses and Allowable Expenses from Exhibit E:

  • Connect People who need Help to the Help They need (Connections to Care); Schedule B (C)
  • Support People in Treatment and Recovery; Schedule B (B)
  • Leadership, Planning and Coordination; Schedule B – Other Strategies (J)
  • Treat Opioid Disorder (OUD); Schedule B (A)
  • Prevention Programs; Schedule A (G)
  • Address the Needs of Criminal Justice-Involved Persons; Schedule B (D)
  • First Responders; Schedule B – Other Strategies (I)
  • Treatment for Incarcerated Population; Schedule A (F)