OAB Bylaws

The following statements are excerpts from the Bylaws of the York County Opioid Advisory Board (OAB):

Section 2.0 – Purpose

The purpose of the York County Opioid Advisory Board is to aid in oversight and community transparency as York County and the York County Planning Commission administer the Opioid Settlement Funds.

Section 3.0 - Responsibilities

The Advisory Board shall be responsible for the following:

  1. Extensive Review of the Settlement’s Core Strategies (Allowable and Encouraged Remediation Uses)
  2. Assist in finalizing the application and clarity of the scoring system
  3. Review, evaluate and rank applications
  4. Meet as an Advisory Board for a Collaborative Review and Prioritization Meeting
  5. Meet to finalize Award Recommendations for presentation to The York County Board of Commissioners
  6. Report funding expenditures and achievements to the Pennsylvania Opioid Misuse and Addiction Abatement Trust and Commissioners annually

Section 4.0 – Membership

There shall be nine (9) voting members of the Advisory Board. These include representatives from various categories of impacted industries and knowledgeable community servants. Advisory Board members are appointed by the Commissioners and accept a Board position with the understanding of an initial 3-5 year commitment. As Advisory Board Members wish to step down, the Program Administrator will assist the Commissioners in appointing new Members to continue to meet the nine (9) voting member establishment.

Alternate Board Members may be appointed for contribution and discussion regularly. These members may be asked to participate in Majority Action votes when Primary Voting Members are absent or need to abstain, due to a conflict of interest present. Resource Advisory Members may also be appointed and accepted for their expertise contributions for the good of the Advisory Board. These individuals will be non-voting contributors.

Section 7.0 – Majority Action

A quorum shall consist of at least seven (7) voting members of the OAB. Every action requires a minimum of five (5) affirmative votes of the primary voting members at any meeting duly held, at which a quorum is present.

Should a funding decision be up for a vote and a voting member is a representative of or affiliated with the applicant organization, the voting member will abstain from said vote (and an alternate member will serve for voting purposes, as needed).

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