Awarded Programs

The York County Board of Commissioners is pleased to relay details about the first and second rounds of Opioid Settlement Funds grant awards. The initial distribution of funds totals $2,813,922 to 17 different organizations. Applications from 32 organizations were reviewed by the York County Opioid Advisory Board. Recipients are highlighted in the links: 2023 Round 1 Awards and 2023 Round 2 Awards.

The Opioid Advisory Board was formed by the York County Board of Commissioners in early 2023, and is comprised of local community leaders that are knowledgeable and committed to eradicating the opioid problems in our community. The Opioid Advisory Board (OAB) provides oversight of the funds and makes recommendations to the Board of Commissioners on the distribution of these funds each year. 

“York County has been proactive in the legal fight to hold those responsible for the opioid crisis accountable. These awards are the first step to address our community needs and to begin the systemic change that will provide the services to heal from this crisis,” said President Commissioner Julie Wheeler. 

York County agencies and organizations working to save lives and assist struggling families may apply for funds on an annual basis to elevate and expand current efforts or begin new opioid-related initiatives. For more details on the OAB, application requests, FAQs, and contact information, please visit

The initial rounds of funding allocations fit into the following Opioid Remediation Uses and Allowable Expenses from Exhibit E:

  • Connect People who need Help to the Help They need (Connections to Care); Schedule B (C)
  • Support People in Treatment and Recovery; Schedule B (B)
  • Leadership, Planning and Coordination; Schedule B – Other Strategies (J)
  • Treat Opioid Disorder (OUD); Schedule B (A)
  • Prevention Programs; Schedule A (G)
  • Address the Needs of Criminal Justice-Involved Persons; Schedule B (D)
  • First Responders; Schedule B – Other Strategies (I)
  • Treatment for Incarcerated Population; Schedule A (F)