Opioid Settlement Funding

The York County Commissioners and the York County Planning Commission will accept applications on an annual basis from interested organizations and agencies for innovative and strategic programs related to the Opioid epidemic in York County.  As a result of the Opioid Settlement funds coming into York County, we will be reviewing applications that will serve the Community and will issue awards on an annual basis.  Applications will be reviewed by the highly esteemed appointed Opioid Advisory Board (OAB)

Opioid manufacturers' settlement details a list of opioid remediation uses, core strategies, and other approved uses. For additional information related to approved uses review Exhibit E of the settlement. 

Through allocation of these settlement funds, we strive to:

  • Maximize the impact of current opioid-related initiatives;
  • Protect life and improve the quality of life for our community members;
  • Assist in elevating treatment, recovery and diversion programs;
  • Build an impeccable recovery support and case management system for York County residents;
  • Support prevention and various training efforts;
  • Provide a funding stream for sustainable, collaborative, and focused projects.

Application period has closed until 2024.