GOYORK 2045, The Metropolitan Transportation Plan

The federal government requires MPOs to prepare a Metropolitan Transportation Plan, or MTP, to receive federal funding for transportation projects. The MTP includes a list of transportation projects that must be fiscally constrained and based on the amount of funding the MPO expects to receive over the next 20 years. MPOs update the MTP every four or five years to reflect new data and changes to regional priorities for transportation investment.

The purpose of the GOYORK 2045 Plan is to develop a coordinated effort to implement transportation improvements that attempt to achieve York County’s future goals that are supported by public consensus of York County’s physical, social, economic, and institutional environments. The goals are outlined in other elements of the York County Comprehensive Plan.

GOYORK 2045 Plan is developed in a continuing, comprehensive, and cooperative process around a performance-based approach to transportation decision-making. This includes tracking performance measures, setting data-driven targets for each measure, and outlining a project selection process to help meet those targets. The targets and progress towards these targets will be evaluated during each update of the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP).

We Want Your Perspective

Easy First Step — Complete an Online Survey

The public comment period is your chance to provide input on the draft MTP!  Please read over the complete draft document before starting the survey. The first part asks you to rank broad topics from the MTP, such as safety, operations, transit, environment, and more. The second section wants you to give a rating up to five stars for each action related to the topics selected on the previous slide. The survey will also give an opportunity to submit a written comment. The last part of survey looks at 15 congested intersections across York County, and asks which three you would prioritize.

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