Corrective Action Process (CAP)

When a question arises regarding property ownership, parcel identification numbers, plan correctness, etc., there shall be a process to determine the proper corrective action, which will require the agreement of representatives of the York County Planning Commission, the Tax Assessment, and Recorder of Deeds offices, and the applicant.

The following steps will be taken to clarify these questions:

  1. When it is presumed by a representative from any of the above three offices that a corrective action will need to be taken, the applicant shall be asked to complete a Corrective Action Request Form.  These forms will be available at each of these three offices as well as an online fillable form.  The purpose of the form will be to identify the action(s) which the applicant wishes to take, and the problem identified by the agency reviewing the proposed action(s).
  2. Upon receipt of a completed Form, the agency representative shall arrange a consultation with a representative of the other two agencies at their earliest convenience.
  3. After the consultation, and after there is agreement that a specific action(s) will be necessary to correct the identified problem(s), the applicant will be notified of the corrective action(s) needed to be taken. The agency in which the problem was identified will notify the applicant of the necessary action(s).
  4. There may be a number of options available for these corrective actions.