York County Complete Count

Census Series

Census Series 1 - Jenny Englerth

Our York Media has done a series of articles on how important the 2020 Census is to our community.  Jenny Englerth shares how the Census can impact public health.  

Census Series 1 - Jenny Englerth

Census Series 2 - Delma Rivera

As part of the Census series on Our York Media, Delma Rivera of Latinos Unidos shares why it is so important to the York County community for the Latino population to be counted accurately.  Ms Rivera says “filling out the Census is one of the best things you can do to make your community better.” 

Census Seris 2 - Delma Rivera

Census Series 3 - Tannisha Fuentes

As part of the Census series on Our York Media, Tannisha Fuentes of CPC’s Workforce Development Program explains how a complete Census count determines funding to organizations, like Community Progress Council.

Census Series 3 - Tannisha Fuentes

Census Series 4 - Sandie Walker (JPG)

York City Council Woman, Sandie Walker, tells Our York Media how important the Census is to determine funding for the City’s infrastructure.

Census Series 4 - Sandie Walker

Census Series 5 - Christy Renjilian (JPG)

In the 2020 Census series by Our York Media, Child Care Consultants Executive Director, Christy Renjilian, tells us how US Census totals determine funding for child care programs, Head Start, and other programs and services for children.  “Research tells us that if we provide high-quality care to our youngest children, they are much more like to be successful in school and life.”

Census Series 5 - Christy Renjilian

Rich Farr, the Executive Director of rabbittransit (https://www.rabbittransit.org/) shares why completing the 2020 Census is so important to public transportation programs and services in our communities. An accurate and complete Census count ensures that rabbittransit is eligible to apply for funding that fits the public transportation needs of our population. By completing the Census, you make an impact in York for the next 10 years. Please visit my2020census.gov to fill out your questionnaire. If you have already completed the Census, please consider sharing this post so that a friend or family member is reminded to complete their Census.
#CountYork2020 #PACounts

York County has partnered with the Census Bureau, City of York, and other community leaders to create a York County Complete Count Committee to ensure a complete and accurate count in 2020.

Census 2020- April 1 (JPG)

In Pennsylvania, everyone counts. Participate and help protect the federal funding we receive for transportation, education, community development, business loans and more.

Importance of a complete count

Responding to the 2020 Census can help drive funding to local roads and bridges.

The 2020 Census relies on each household to count every person in America


How is York County Response Rate for 2020 Census?  Checkout the interactive map at https://bit.ly/3cu0V5i

Need help spreading the word?  The PA State Data Center has shared a social media guide prepared by the US Census Bureau.  This slideshow provides customizable social media content and ideas and examples  how to spread the word about the 2020 Census.  While many of us have been sharing Census 2020 information for weeks, April 1st is the ceremonial Census Day.  Please refer to power point social media guide below and share the important message of the 2020 Census.

Statistics in Schools (SIS) - Everyone Counts

Power of the Pulpit: Faith Leaders Gather to Support the 2020 Census

Faith Communities Action Guide

Who’s Promoting 2020 Census in York County?

Moises Caraballo-Cuba of the York City Bureau of Health shares why the completing the 2020 US Census is important.  Accurate Census counts are used to allocate funds directed to public health.  This includes providing educational programs and improving access to healthy food.  Visit www.my2020Census.gov to complete the Census if you have not already done so. Deadline is 9/30/2020. Everyone counts! #CountYork2020

Thank you to our neighbor and community organizer, Jamiel Alexander, for sharing the importance of completing the 2020 Census. The new deadline to complete the 2020 Census is Wednesday, September 30th. The census takes no more than 10 minutes to complete and each person counted can equate to nearly $12,000 coming to York County. 10 minutes can have a big impact on our next 10 years. Will you join us in completing the 2020 Census? Go to 2020census.gov to get started. #CountYork2020 #PACounts

March 3, 2020

Leslie Wright (Regional Technician for the US Census Bureau), Ricardo Quintero (York City Office of the Mayor), and Anne Walko (York County Planning Commission) sat down with the Cumulus Media News and Media Director Mark McKenzie to discuss Census 2020.  York County and  York City are pleased to partner with the US Census Bureau to ensure a complete count of York County.  The interview to be aired on WSBA Community Focus. Invitations to complete the Census go out next week!  You can complete the Census online, by telephone, or by completing and returning a form by mail.  Everyone counts!

WSBA interview with Mark McKenzie (JPG)

February 24, 2020

Anne Walko was honored to attend a press event yesterday at Flinchbaugh’s Orchard and Farm Market. Hosted by PA’s Second Lady, Gisele Fetterman, the topic was ensuring an accurate Census 2020 count of rural communities in PA.  Pennsylvania has the third highest rural population in the Nation, with over 75% of the total population living in rural areas.  The York County Complete Count Committee continues to work so that everyone counts!

Russell Redding - Secretary of Agriculture