Home Improvement Program (HIP)


The Program is designed to help income-eligible resident homeowners in the County of York by providing financial and technical assistance for necessary home repairs including, but not limited to, replacement of roofing and heating systems, major electrical, major plumbing, sewer/water hookups, replacement of septic systems, and Senior Safe/ADA modifications. The Program does not provide assistance for repairs that are of a cosmetic nature, or for regular maintenance and upkeep of a property.


Loans are provided in the form of a zero interest loan with a deferred payment. This means that a mortgage lien in the amount of the loan is filed against your property for security. As long as you, the Program participant, remain the occupant and owner of the property, no payment is required and no interest is charged. When the property is sold or transferred or it ceases to be your residence, the full balance on the loan becomes due and payable. The deed to the property remains in your name and is not transferred to the County of York.


Grants may be available for necessary home repairs to eligible homeowners age 55 and older, and disabled individuals. Grants may be awarded up to $10,000 and will be used to address health and safety risks, code violations, mobility improvements, and Weatherization supplements. An inspection of the rehabilitation work being requested will be performed by a staff rehabilitation specialist to determine if you have qualifying repairs. 


In order to determine your eligibility, please click on the link to the right to fill out and submit a pre-application. Once your pre-application is reviewed, if you meet initial eligibility requirements, your name will be placed on our waiting list. Once we are able to proceed with the rehabilitation process, you will be contacted and the application process will be started.


Please view the York County Home Improvement Program (HIP) Brochure (PDF).