Home Improvement Program (HIP)

The Home Improvement Program (HIP) is administered by the Housing Division of the York County Planning Commission (YCPC). It is designed to help income-eligible resident homeowners in York County by providing financial and technical assistance to obtain necessary home repairs. 


The funds in the Home Improvement Program are provided in the form of a grant or a loan with a deferred payment. This means that a mortgage in the amount of the loan is filed against your property for security. As long as you, the program participant, remain the occupant and owner of the property, no repayment is required and no interest is charged. When the property is sold or transferred in any way or it ceases to be your residence, the full balance on the loan becomes due and payable to the County of York. The deed to your property remains in your name and is not transferred to the County.

HIP Eligibility

To qualify, your property must have conditions defined as substandard by the local housing code or by the program's rehabilitation standards, and you must meet the income eligibility. The goal of the Home Improvement Program is to help you bring your home into standard condition.
If you are interested in the program, check out the Home Improvement Program (HIP) Brochure (PDF).

Additional Information About the Home Improvement Program (HIP)

Have questions about HIP? You can request more information on this program by emailing the Chief of Housing.