Water Resources Planning

The York County Planning Commission (YCPC) maintains a strong focus on water issues, which includes the following services and resources:

  • The County Integrated Water Resources Plan (IWRP): Development and implementation of the Integrated Water Resources Plan component of the York County Comprehensive Plan is an important task carried out through a variety of initiatives.
  • The web-enabled IWRP Flowchart Tool demonstrates how everything related to water is tied together and can assist municipalities in meeting their MS4 stormwater obligations.
  • Support and education: YCPC staff can attend meetings and provide input to local municipalities regarding their water planning concerns, and can also participate in or provide educational training for various audiences. Staff also represents York County in state, regional, and federal water-related meetings.
  • Information: YCPC maintains an abundance of information relating to water planning. Municipalities and others are welcome to contact staff with questions.
  • Project Review: Staff is available to review and comment on proposed plans, projects, regulations, and policies to ensure consistency with the Integrated Water Resources Plan and other Comprehensive Plan components.