Heritage Preservation

Preservation Planning

Planning for historic resources is one of a planning commission’s responsibilities under the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code. York County Planning Commission (YCPC) provides the following services and resources related to heritage and historic resource planning:

  • The County Heritage Preservation Plan. 
  • The York County Heritage Preservation Advisory Committee: YCPC staff coordinates this group. The Advisory Committee guides the implementation of the strategies and actions recommended in the Plan. The Advisory Committee is comprised of individuals with a wide range of backgrounds, perspectives, expertise, and areas of historical interest. Members represent countywide and local historical societies, heritage tourism attractions, technical experts, and preservations organizations, among others.
  • Support and education: YCPC staff can attend planning meetings and provide input to local municipalities and historical organizations regarding their preservation concerns, and can also participate in or provide educational training for various audiences.
  • Information: YCPC maintains a wealth of information, data, and mapping resources related to the County’s heritage resources, including a copy of the Historic Resources Inventory and companion studies conducted in the 1970s and 1980s.

York County Heritage Program

The York County Heritage Program is a network of resources - natural, cultural and historic - that is officially designated by YCPC. The Program highlights the special places that make York County unique.

Get Involved

Getting involved in the Program is easy. There is an annual call for applications. Interested parties must complete the Program Application (PDF), which requires general information about the site, as well as more detailed information related to the site’s authenticity, interpretation, and visitor readiness. For information on the York County Heritage Program, please refer to the Program Manual (PDF).

Existing Heritage Sites

A listing of the heritage sites are available through an interactive web mapping application.  It provides information on each site and can assist in planning visits. 

Explore the York County's Heritage now!

For additional questions, please email the Heritage Program Coordinator.