Stormwater Authority Implementation Plan

After accepting the findings of the Stormwater Authority Feasibility Study, the County Board of Commissioners asked YCPC to develop an Implementation Plan (SWAIP). The SWAIP analyzes a variety of options in search of the most effective way to clean up the County's polluted streams and reduce flooding, as well as protect healthy streams. The SWAIP process is concluding now, with YCPC working on an array of options to present to the County Commissioners in spring of 2019. 

A record of the public meeting series held in 2018, including presentation slides, handouts, and video recordings, is located on our Meetings & Materials page. Other maps and materials are available to the right.


Why are our streams polluted and flood-prone? One reason is a stormwater runoff. When rain falls or snow melts faster than it can soak into the ground, the extra water runoff ends up in local waterways. This runoff picks up all kinds of things as it heads to our streams. In urban and suburban areas, this runoff picks up chemicals and trash from yards, streets, and parking lots. In rural areas, runoff picks up fertilizer, pesticides, and livestock waste. When more runoff reaches these waterways than they can hold, flooding occurs.


Currently, our solutions to these problems are being addressed within sectors. The agricultural community is working on solutions, the wastewater community is working on solutions, and the urban community is working on solutions. What we all know is the requirements and the costs to clean up our streams are increasing each year. We believe a countywide Stormwater Authority is the most cost-efficient way to clean up the waterways of York County and reduce flooding. Clean and healthy local waters yield a multitude of community benefits. Your participation in being a part of the solution is important.