Welcome to the York County Planning Commission Funding Opportunities page. The York County Planning Commission administers a number of funding programs for projects and services within York County. On this page please explore links to those programs.


 Hazard Mitigation

Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) – The YCPC assists municipalities in applying for funds through the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program. Funds are available on an annual basis for pre-mitigation projects. Funds are also available upon a disaster declaration by the federal or state government for post-hazard mitigation projects. 



Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) – This is a federal funding source that provides dollars to the York community for a variety of projects ranging from social services to infrastructure improvements in the local community. 

Continuum of Care (CoC) – YCPC assists in this process (which is both a funding opportunity from HUD, as well as a local Committee) to bring homeless dollars into the York community, and ensure their most effective use. YCPC administers these funds and local agencies in York provide the services. 

Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) – In addition to Continuum of Care funds, this grant from HUD provides York County with dollars to assist in serving the homeless. YCPC administers these funds and local agencies in York provide the services. 

HOME – Provides dollars for the development of new affordable rental housing or the rehabilitation of existing housing 

Home Improvement Help – This program designed to help income eligible resident homeowners in York County by providing financial and technical assistance to obtain necessary home repairs. (Link to Home Improvement Program page)

Homebuyers Assistance – This program provides assistance with down payment and up front closing costs for income eligible, first time homebuyers in York City and York County. The York Homebuyer Assistance Program is currently administered through the Community Progress Council , who provides the eligibility screening and other requirements for the YCPC. (Link to York Homebuyers Assistance Page)

Weatherization Assistance - This program is designed to reduce heating and cooling costs for low-income persons, by improving the energy efficiency of the home.



Automatic Red Light Enforcement Grants (YCPC will assist) - It is the intent of this funding to complete worthwhile projects that are relatively low cost that consider public safety and mobility.

Green light - Go - provides state funds for the operation and maintenance of traffic signals along critical and designated state highways

Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) - The TAP redefines the former Transportation Enhancements Program and consolidates it with the Safe Routes to Schools and Recreational Trails Programs. The Transportation Alternatives program builds upon a legacy of the TE program by expanding travel choices, strengthening the local economy, improving the quality of life, and protecting the environment.