Veteran's Day is Wedensday, November 11, 2015. Please take time to thank a veteran for his or her service. Click the image to find out more statistics about veterans living in York County.
The Horn Farm Center is one of three new sites to be added to the York County Heritage Program. Find out more information about the program by clicking on the image.
Bicyclists enjoying the newest section of the Heritage Rail Trail County Park. Please click on the image to learn more about our Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP)
2015 York County Directory of Public Officials - Click to view
Congestion on Haines Road at the intersection with SR 124. Please click on the image to view the Annual Report on Congestion that is compiled by York County Planning Commission staff.
Sidewalk improvements in Wrightsville Borough. Click the image for more information about the York County Planning Commission's Community Development Block Grant Program

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  • What homeowner financial assistance is available?
    The Planning Commission administers a weatherization program, available to both owners and renters, which is designed to reduce heating and cooling costs for low-income persons. The program helps to reduce energy consumption of the dwelling through the installation of various energy conservation measures. The Planning Commission also administers a home improvement program, which is designed to help income eligible resident homeowners by providing financial and technical assistance to obtain nec... Read More >>
  • The municipal codes enforcement officer refuses to issue a permit for me to...
    Perhaps. A variance request may be appropriate, and may be submitted to the municipal Zoning Hearing Board (ZHB) when a zoning regulation inflicts unnecessary hardship. The ZHB may grant the variance if the ZHB finds all of the following apply: there are unique physical conditions that prevent the property from being developed according to zoning Ordinance, the variance is necessary for reasonable use of the property, the hardship was not self-created, the character of the neighborhood will not ... Read More >>
  • I want to give ten (10) feet of my lot to my neighbor. Must I submit a subd...
    Yes, the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (PA MPC) defines a subdivision to include the division or re-division of a parcel into two or more lots, as well as other divisions of land, including changes in existing lot lines. The PA MPC definition is the standard in municipal ordinances, regardless of the size or configuration of the lot(s) involved. Read More >>